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Airbrush Makeup Supplies Every Woman Should Have

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Whether you're new to the world of airbrush makeup or have had some experience using it, you may not be well aware of the right set of airbrush makeup supplies that you need. This is where we come in. If you're planning to get the airbrushed look, you will need some airbrush makeup supplies to help you.

1) The Right Airbrush Makeup System

This is the basic item in your list of airbrush makeup supplies. However, it is the most essential because a good airbrush system guarantees that you get the perfect airbrushed look. You should always buy a system that is easy to use and disperses product economically yet evenly. Plus, make sure that the costs of the system don't drill a hole in your pocket.

2) The Makeup

Makeup is one of the important airbrush makeup supplies since it is what you will be using most of the time. Whereas you may get some products with your starter kit, you will have to order some more later on. Thus, when choosing makeup, always check that the prices of refills aren't too high, or else you won't use your kit ever again.

Another aspect you should consider is the availability of shades. If you're a makeup artist, you will need different shades to satisfy your customers' needs. Thus, make sure that these essential airbrush makeup supplies come in numerous colors and can be applied on all facial features.

3) Stencils

One of the most useful airbrush makeup supplies is stencils. Using these, you can airbrush your eyebrows and color your lips. However, not all companies offer stencils. Yet, to help you with these airbrush makeup supplies, Dinair offers a range of stencils which you can use to airbrush your eyebrows and lips.

4) Eye Shadow Guide

An eye shadow guide is important because it allows you to apply eye shadow in different styles and without spreading color onto your lower lid. It is also important because it helps you draw eyeliner accurately and without causing a mess. However, like stencils, guides are available through select kits such as Dinair's.

5) Distance Guide

This is one of the important airbrush makeup supplies for beginners because it shows you how far your airbrush is from your face. According to Dina Ousley, the inventor of airbrush makeup, you should spray foundation from a 6-inch distance, your blush from a 4-inch distance, and eye shadow and lip color from a 2-inch distance. The distance guide will help you get these distances right.

So, when buying airbrush makeup supplies, keep these necessities in mind and look for kits which offer them.

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