3 Things You Must Know About Airbrush Makeup

High-definition airbrush makeup, is a make-up method of using airflow, combined with special foundation makeup, because the molecular weight of the atomized gas is very small, making the makeup more delicate, smooth and long-lasting, and has the multiple effects of lifting, tightening and concealment.

At the same time, the makeup person is like being blown by the breeze, very comfortable and refreshing, and the whole dressing process is a brand-new enjoyment.

airbrush makeup
Fengda airbrush makeup kit

The principle of using airbrush makeup

High-definition atomization gun makeup technology, as the name suggests, is made up by using a spray gun on the skin. 

The process is a bit like spray gun tanning, which is carried out with a small spray gun, which allows cosmetics to better fit the skin through airflow, creating a smooth and uniform texture.

The foundation sprayed on the surface of the skin is very thin and uniform. It contains foundation pigments, resins, solvents and additives to ensure perfect results when applied on the skin. 

The foundation paint used in airbrush makeup determines the strength of the makeup. 

The darker the foundation pigment is, the darker the makeup is.

Like conventional makeup, you should avoid an obvious transition between makeup and non-makeup when using airbrush makeup. If the makeup artist is proficient in airbrush makeup and has a lot of experience, this is easy to do. 

Airbrush makeup is adopted by celebrities, actors and TV stars because the high-quality images of HDTV make them look more obvious. 

Airbrush makeup gives them perfect, smooth and even skin, which is contrary to conventional make-up, which uses different make-up appliances to make direct contact with the skin, leaving stripes on the surface of the skin.

Fengda Airbrush Makeup Kit Machine User Guide

Function introduction of airbrush makeup

High-Pressure Oxygen Injection

95% pure oxygen and active substances are injected into the skin’s basal layer by needle-free pressure oxygen injection, the oxygen sprayer is equipped with a special stainless steel injection gun, which can inject oxygen and nutrients into the deep skin by simply taking it close to the skin.

Moderate Oxygen Spray

The patented design of the oxygen sprayer can massage your skin with pure oxygen spray and active concentrated ingredients absorption channel.

Aromatherapy Oxygen

Breathe Oxygen combined with 100% pure aroma essence oil

Characteristics of portable makeup airbrush kit

  1. Negative oxygen ion deeply clean the skin, dredge the skin and promote nutrient absorption, which helps to remove skin oils and acne, makes the skin cool, smooth, elastic, and full of moisture.
  2. Large water molecules are converted into small molecules, cleaning and replenishing the skin at the same time. The nano-ion spray can quickly open pores, loosen dirt and moisturize skin powerfully works for any skin.

Feature of air brush makeup kit

No Pain, No Scar, No Wound

Negative oxygen ions are naturally absorbed by skin, needle-free, risk-free, and no need for post-operative repair.

Deep Hydration

Nano-level atomization technology makes water molecules smaller

and easier to penetrate to the lower layer skin.

Skin Rejuvenation

It can quickly hydrate and moisturize the skin, making the skin moist and full, and the makeup natural and comfortable.

For All Skins, For The Whole Family

Beauty your skin in tender way, and protect the epidermal layer.

Improve Skin Quality

Supplementing sufficient water to the skin surface cells, can

effectively improve the dark yellow skin, and promote metabolism and blood circulation.

Method of operation of  airbrush makeup

Water Oxygen

Product used: Mineral water

Usage: Put the mineral water into small cup of the spray gun, water and oxygen will be injected into human skin through the strong pressure.

Oxygen Spray

Product used: All kinds of spray moisture, lotion, rose hydrosol and anti-ance water.

Usage: Put a fair amount of water-based skin care products into the small cup (choose suitable water-based skin care products according to your skin).

Oxygen Injection

Product used: Essence, Anti-allergic Repair Essence, Eye Essence, Facial Essence.

Usage; Choose the essence for different skins.

Usage Frequency

Three times a week for essence, essential oil and hyaluronic acid pure water, saline, toner, and hydrolat can be used every day for about 3-5 minutes or a pot spray.


  1. The product used in the spray gun must be a water-based product (high-viscosity products must be diluted with mineral water).
  2. Spray it with warm water and alcohol before use (clean the inner wall of the spray gun).
  3. Wash the spray gun with warm water every time after use, and spray it for several seconds with no water inside (to avoid clogging or leakage).
  4. Do not put too much products in the small bottle for a long time or it may cause clogging or leakage.
  5. Please fully charge the device before the first use the indicator.
  6. Do not use the device when charging.
  7. Prevent the electric main body from water, or it will cause short-circuit and burn the circuit board.

Applicable People

Dry and dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, rough and uneven, shiny.

blackheads, acne and dull skin problems are completely applicable. Pregnant women are available.

Intall & Clean

Below are some steps about installing and cleaning airbrush:

Intall & Clean
Intall & Clean