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Ningbo Bida Machinery

Ningbo Bida Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is a leading airbrush and oil-less compressor solution provider. Through our dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong production capacity of 500,000 sets of airbrush and 200,000 sets of airbrush compressors each year, we have established end-to-end advantages in both airbrush and oil-less compressor areas. Our products have been used in over 100+ countries worldwide.

Best Quiet Air Compressor For Airbrush

Airbrush Gun BD-130K With 0,2 – 0,3 And 0,5mm Needle/Nozzle And Hose

● Needle size – 0.3 mm nozzle.
● Double action.
● 0.2mm needle and nozzle supplied separately
● 0.5mm needle and nozzle supplied separately
● Air hose 1.90 m

High End & Deluxe Double-Action Airbrush AG-200

● 0.15mm & 0.30mm Needle & Nozzle
● 22ml &50ml Plastic jar
● 1*Quick Disconnector
● Royal Aluminum Case
● Single Weight: 0.50KGS

Airbrush Gun BD-183 With 0,5 Mm Nozzle

● Feed Type: Gravity
● Nozzle Dia: 0.5 mm
● Exchangeable Metal Cup Capacity: 2cc,5cc&13cc
● Working Pressure: 15-50psi
● Carton Dimensions(cm): 54*40.5*28

Flakebust airbrush BD-182T

Flakebust airbrush BD-182T

● Feed type: Suction
● Nozzle/needle size: 4mm
● Cup/jar capacity: 22ml
● Working pressure: 29PSI

Single-action airbrush BD-148

Single-Action Airbrush BD-148

● Feed Type: Suction
● Nozzle Dia: 0.50mm
● Plastic Jar Capacity: 1*22cc
● Working Pressure: 15-50psi
● Carton Dimensions(cm): 42*41*37

Pistol Airbrush Gun BD-116B

● Feed Type: Gravity
● Mounted Needle Dia: 0.3mm Extra Needle Dia: 0.2mm&0.5mm
● Mounted Nozzle Dia: 0.3mm Extra Nozzle Dia: 0.2mm&0.5mm
● Metal Cup Capacity: 2cc&5cc&13cc
● Air Hose: 1.8mt(6ft)

Double-Action Airbrush BD-320

● Feed Type: Gravity
● Nozzle Dia: 0.30mm,0.50mm&0.80mm
● Fixed Metal Cup Capacity: 9cc
● Working Pressure: 15-50psi
● Carton Dimensions(cm): 54*40.5*28

Double-Action Airbrush BD-310

● Feed Type: Gravity
● Nozzle Dia: 0.2,0.25,0.30mm&0.50mm
● Fixed Metal Cup Capacity: 7cc
● Working Pressure: 15-50psi
● Carton Dimensions(cm): 54*40.5*28

Timbertech Acrylic Paint Ⅱ-12 Colors(30ML)

● Sky Blue*1
● Cobalt Blue*1
● Fresh Color*1
● Naples yellow*1
● Middle Yellow*1
● …

Timbertech Acrylic Paint-12 Colors(30ML)

● Lemon(Zitrone)*1
● Scarlet Red(Scharlachrot)*1
● Lime(Limette)*1
● Ultramarin Blue(Ultramarinblau)*1
● Burnt Umber(Gebrannte Umbra)*1
● …

Airbrush gun Fengda BD-130 with 0,3 mm nozzle

● Fixed Integrated paint cup 7 ml with lid
● Steel nozzle 0.3 mm
● 0.3 mm stainless steel needle
● Teflon seal
● Adjustable needle

Fengda Airbrush Completely Cleaning Kit BD-778-Cleaning Pot with Holder, 5 pc Cleaning Brushes, 5 pc Cleaning Pick, 1 Wash Needle

● Deluxe Airbrush 3 in 1 Cleaning Pot
● With Holder.
● Can be used as an airbrush holder.
● Easily clean
● Easy-to-use

If you’re interested in more styles, feel free to inquire for additional options.

Application of Fengda Portable air compressor

Art and Illustration

Art and Illustration

The small air compressors are commonly used by artists and illustrators to create detailed and intricate artwork. They are especially popular in the creation of paintings, murals, and custom designs.

Model Building

Model Building

Model builders, like those creating scale models of cars, airplanes, or miniatures, use our best airbrush compressor for models to apply paint and detailing to their projects with precision.



Airbrush makeup is a popular choice in the cosmetics industry for achieving flawless and natural-looking makeup application. Airbrush compressors-our best quiet air compressor for airbrush, are employed to spray foundation, blush, and other cosmetic products.

Best airbrush compressor for miniature painting-Cake Decorating

Best airbrush compressor for miniature painting-Cake Decorating

Professional cake decorators use airbrush compressors to apply food coloring to cakes, cupcakes, and other confectionery items, allowing for intricate and artistic designs.

Automotive Finishing

Automotive Finishing

In the automotive industry, airbrush compressors are employed to paint vehicles, custom parts, and for touch-up work, resulting in smooth and professional finishes.

Textile and Fabric Design

Textile and Fabric Design

Textile artists use oil-less airbrush compressors to create unique designs on fabrics, including clothing, upholstery, and accessories.

Signage and Graphics

Signage and Graphics

Professional sign makers and graphic artists use airbrush compressors to create vibrant and detailed signage, vehicle graphics, and wall murals.

Body Art and Temporary Tattoos

Body Art and Temporary Tattoos

Airbrush compressors are used for creating temporary tattoos and body art, often at events, fairs, and festivals.

What's the good airbrush compressor factory like?

Ningbo Bida Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is a prominent provider of airbrushes and oil-less compressors. Our commitment to customer-focused innovation, coupled with our robust annual production capacity of 500,000 airbrush sets and 200,000 compressor sets, has enabled us to establish comprehensive expertise in both airbrush and oil-less compressor solutions. Our products are utilized in more than 100 countries across the globe.

The quality of our silent air compressor for airbrush

The products have passed the international certification of American ETL, Canadian CETL, German GS, European CE, ROHS, etc., and sell well in hundreds of countries and regions, such as America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and so on. They are deeply loved and trusted by customers at home and abroad because of their excellent quality, considerate service and high cost performance.

CE Certificate

GS Certificate

UC Certificate

ROHS Report

Customer Review

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Not too loud , has done everything I have asked of it so far. For the money it is faultless , my friend has a more expensive compressor and say there is no real difference from his to mine. I have added a quick release for the air tube to the unit , but apart from that (which is my own personal preference)
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Like the product very well very very happy ease of use nice and compact and its great for mini spray guns for models. The air tank on it is a plus, and it's easy to change the PSI on it. It can overheat when used extensively, but is back up and running quickly when it cools down a little.
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A great compressor to have for the Airbrush. Fits nicely under the painting desk when not in use, and although can seem loud when in the same room, when I've went downstairs, directly beneath it, it's not all that noticeable.


The most favored option among airbrush enthusiasts is the piston compressor. Not only do they generate significantly less noise compared to other compressors, but they also deliver a higher level of power. This is why most modelers opt for a piston compressor over a diaphragm compressor.

When it comes to selecting the right compressor size for airbrushing, all of our compressors are suitable for modeling purposes. For paint applications, you should aim for approximately 15-20 PSI, and when working with varnish or similar substances, you may need to increase the pressure to around 30 PSI.

You can use any compressor for airbrushing as per your preferences. However, it’s advisable to ensure you have a high-quality compressor that meets your modeling needs. Piston compressors are particularly popular in the airbrushing community due to their impressive power.

For those new to modeling and using air compressors with their airbrushes, we recommend investing in one of our airbrush compressor bundles. These packages provide everything you need to kickstart your airbrushing journey.



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