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product introduction of portable airbrush kit

Product Features of fengda airbrush

A.Portable and sophisticated spray guns ideal for beginners can be used for tattoos, art painting,cake decorating,make-up, nail, handicrafts, models, body paint, etc. can handle a variety of liquids. such as paints, pigments, inks, water-based foundations, skin care products, water, etc. But thick liquid needs to be diluted after use, oily liquid can not be used.

C.We build an air valve in our airbrush. The integrated structure can be used directly even without an air hose. This product can also be used with hoses.


Instructions of best dual action airbrush

step 1

put the applicable medium into the capacity Cup, the peratin medium is mainly water, and the applicable medium: essence, Sk- ll water pure dew, normaI saline , toner , milk, etc.

Note: lf it sa viscous liquid or an oily iquid , such as serums or essentia loi needs to be diluted with distilled waterpuriied water/mineral water, too thick a solution can cause clogging or poor results.

open the capacity Cup infused with water or other liquid.

step 2

Long press the power switch for 2 - 3 seconds to turn on the machine , and the machine starts to work.

Long press the power switch

step 3

Then press the pray button backward for skincare. Turn the spray volume control knob to control the amount of mist. t s recommended to introduce the essence/hyaluronic acid 3 times a week, and pure water/toner everyday, 30 - 60 seconds each time.

press the spray button backward
Turn the spray volume control knob

step 4

GentIY Swipe 8 - 10 cm away from the face , and enjoy surgin plump hydrating all over YUr face.

spray on face

Indicator Light & Gear of best airbrush for modeling

1 . Lon9 press the power switch to turn the machine on, and the blue ght is on.
2 . In case of low power, the device will not work, it will shut down after the red light ashes 5 times.
3 . D not use the device while charging. The red light will lash when charging and the blue Iight will light when fuIIY charged ·
4. press the power switch to switch gears
● The irst gear: Blue ight is on , and the device will shut down after running for 30 mins.
● In the second gear: Red and blue ights are on at the same time , and the device will autmatically shut down after running for lo mins.

precautions of best airbrush kits for models

1 . Before the irst use, please inject warm water/alcohol into the water bottle to clean the inner wall of the gun. After cleaning , inject clean water and shoot, keep it 2 to 3 times. After the clean water is emptied , empty it and air dries the internal pipe s
2 . The products used by the spray un must be water-soluble products (products with high concentration and strong viscosity must be diluted with mineral water/puriied water before use) .
3 . Every time change the liquid in the replenishment bottle/spray gun has not been used for a long time, please follow the steps in point ·
4 . The liquid in the spray gun should not stay for a lon9 time , and the liquid will not be left after the same injection.(Avoid blockagelleakage due to prolonged liquid retention in the rei bottle and spray gun) .
5 . when using the spray 9un for the irst time, please use it after fu ly charging. (The red ight of the machine is lashing when charging , and it is always on when fuIIY charged)
6 . The machine cannot be used when charging , and the machine can be used normally nly after unplugging the power SUPPIY·
7 . please use a uaIiied power adapter with an output of more than 5v- IA for charging. 8 . LoW battery reminder function , when the product has no battery, the battery icon lashes ive times to shut down.

Troubleshooting of good airbrush for model kits

If the lquid does not come out smoothly, please check whether the following problems occur:
1. whether the nozzle is not tightened so that the iquid from the nozzle mouth can not be atomized or prayed out.
2. whether the pray volume adjustment knob is too tight resulting in too little mist.
3. If the concentration or viscosity of the liquid in the capacity cup is too high, dilute it before use.
4. If there are stains in the airbrush , use lukewarm water to dredge them.

Product Maintenance of mini airbrush

After using concentrated and viscous liquids , use lukewarm water/alcohol to clean the inner wall of the airbrush , and then inject water to clean it 2 – 3 times
Finatlly air dries the internal pipes.
Do not wipe the surface of the product with volatile lquids (such as alcoh o) .
It is recommended to use a soft annel to wipe. please clean the capacity Cup and airbrush regularIY to prevent clogging if not used for a long time.

Optional Accessories of best airbrush compressor for miniature painting

The followin accessories are not the standard set and need to be purchased separately·

40ml PIastic capacity Cup
You can seIect Cups of different sizes according to different usage scenarios.

Brush & Dropper
Brush: The brush is mainly used to clean the nozzle, capacity CUPJ and the connection between the Cup and the airbrush
Dropper: The dropper is mainly used to suck the solution into the capacity cup.

Extension Hose
connect one end of the extension hose containing the metal adapter to the airbrushed base, and connect the other end with the airbrush to extend the prayin distance.