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Fengda is a leading provider of airbrush and oil-less compressor solutions in China. With a strong annual production capacity of 500,000 airbrush sets and 200,000 compressors, we offer single-action airbrush, double-action airbrush, pistol-style airbrush, elite airbrush for advanced users, and various combination airbrush kits. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned user, Fengda can provide you with high-quality airbrush and airbrush kits.

Airbrush Manufacturer in China

Fengda is a leading provider of airbrushes and oil-free air compressor solutions in China, We supply everything required for professional and hobby airbrusher. Our range includes airbrush, airbrush compressor, airbrush paint and all the necessary airbrush accessories and parts. With 23 years of manufacturing experience and design expertise, we are dedicated to serving our customers, collaborating with them, and striving to meet their goals and needs.

Fengda has developed 12 major categories of products, including small air pumps, handheld integrated machines, airbrushes, mist absorbers, vacuum pumps, and inflatable pumps, totaling over 200 different products. Our products have been awarded multiple domestic and international patents for invention, utility, and appearance, and have passed international certifications such as US ETL, Canada CETL, Germany GS, European CE, and ROHS. They are sold in over a hundred countries and regions including the Americas, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Brazil, and are highly praised and trusted by customers both domestically and abroad for their excellent quality, thoughtful service, and high cost performance. We have fully industrialized all patent achievements, realizing integrated independent research and development and production.

Airbrush for Sale

Fengda offers you a variety of airbrushes, our airbrushes undergo strict quality testing to meet the highest standards. The products are widely involved in various application fields such as beauty, models, cakes, toys, care, manicures, DIY, etc. At Fengda you can find a wide range of professional and hobby airbrushers.

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Choosing the Right Airbrush For Various Industries


Food Airbrush Kit for Cake

Crafted with precision and durability, our airbrush kit ensures smooth and consistent application of edible colors onto cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more. With easy-to-use functionality and interchangeable nozzles, users can effortlessly achieve intricate designs, gradients, and custom patterns, turning ordinary desserts into edible masterpieces.

nail airbrush kit

Best Airbrush Kit for Nails

Our airbrush kit features a compact and ergonomic design, making it easy to handle and maneuver, even for intricate nail designs. With adjustable airflow and pressure settings, users can achieve flawless gradients, intricate patterns, and stunning color blends with ease.

Professional Airbrush Kit for Models

Whether you’re a seasoned model builder or just starting out, our Professional Airbrush Kit for Models is the ultimate tool for bringing your creations to life with professional-quality results. Elevate your modeling projects to new levels of realism and craftsmanship with our precision-engineered airbrush kit.

Airbrush for Makeup

Makeup airbrush, as a new type of makeup tool, can provide various makeup looks. Designed with cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, our airbrush is lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use, making it the perfect tool for achieving professional-quality makeup at home or on the go.

Professional Airbrush Tattoo Kit

Unlocking the artistry of tattooing is our tattoo airbrush’s forte. Take your temporary body art to the next level with our professional airbrush tattoo kit. Whether you’re an experienced tattoo artist or just starting out, our airbrush tattoo kit is the perfect tool for you.

Airbrush Set for DIY

Elevate DIY with our airbrush set. Spray gun packages include premium airbrushes, compressors, and accessories. Adjustable airflow and settings facilitate diverse effects: fine lines, intricate details, broad strokes, and gradients. Durable, user-friendly design caters to both beginners and experienced DIYers.

Choosing the Right Airbrush For Various Industries


Chinese manufacturers often offer airbrushes at lower prices compared to counterparts from other countries due to lower labor and production costs.

Diverse Range of Options

China has a vast manufacturing base capable of producing a wide variety of airbrush models, catering to different needs and preferences of customers.

Customization Flexibility

Chinese manufacturers may provide customization options, allowing customers to tailor airbrush designs or specifications according to their requirements.

Rapid Production

China's efficient manufacturing processes enable quick turnaround times for orders, making it suitable for both small-scale and large-scale production.

Technological Advancements

Some Chinese manufacturers invest in research and development, leading to innovations in airbrush technology, such as improved atomization, ergonomic designs, or digital control systems.

Global Distribution Network

Many Chinese airbrush manufacturers have established extensive distribution networks, facilitating worldwide availability and accessibility of their products.

Quality Control Measures

Some Chinese manufacturers implement stringent quality control measures to ensure the reliability and performance of their airbrushes, meeting international standards and regulations.

Get High Quality Airbrushes in Bulk Step-by-step

We Respond to your Inquiry within 12hrs

We know time is a valuable resource for your business, so it’s important to provide service quickly. Our response times are short and designed to make accessing our services easy for you.

We provide OEM Airbrush Service

Our aim is to provide an airbrush design that meets all your requirements. Our goal is to realize your vision because customer satisfaction is important to us.

We Fulfill Efficient Airbrush Manufacturing

The Fengda factory is equipped with ultra-modern machinery to ensure that we manufacture high-quality airbrushes efficiently. It also enables us to produce in bulk with shorter turnaround times.

We Provide Sample Testing

We will provide you with style tests to help you understand the quality of your airbrush before purchasing. Your satisfaction is our mission.

Why Choose Fengda As Your Exclusive Airbrush Manufacturer?

23 Years Experience

With our 23 years of manufacturing experience and design expertise, more than 200 different products including airbrushes have been developed, which can be divided into 12 major categories. The products have passed multiple patents and certifications at home and abroad.


There is no minimum order quantity limit for our standard specification products. We always prepare enough inventory, Fengda can meet your any demand quantity.

Fast Lead Time (7-14 Days)

Normally we will dispatch our standard specification goods to you about 7-14 days after receiving your payment, depending on the quantity.

Turnkey Airbrush Solution

Our professional technology and team have industrialized the patented results and achieved the integration of independent research and development and independent production. The current annual production capacity has exceeded 500,000 units.

airbrush application

Airbrush Buying Guide

Since the market is flooded with various airbrushes, it can be difficult to find which one is better suited for your needs. You can use the Fengda Airbrush Buying Guide to help you sift through all the information, eliminate doubts, and help you find your ideal airbrushes.

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FAQ about Airbrushes

The needle could be in the wrong position in the airbrush, you could try the following:

There could also be a problem with the nozzle, you can try the following:

General troubleshoot:

If the airbrush has been properly cleaned and the above solutions do not work, you can always contact us.

Performing these actions cannot really be considered a repair, so you do not have to worry about your warranty if you attempt this

Dirt may have gotten into the compressor.
You could try the following (make sure the pressure is released from the compressor first!)

Because this is more cleaning work and not really a repair, it has no impact on your warranty.
If it doesn’t work, you can contact us.
Pressure regulators can be purchased on our website.

The steps for removal are as follows

Step 1: Remove the needle from the airbrush.
Step 2: Push the needle with the point into the front of the airbrush where the thread is and press gently.
Step 3: Turn counterclockwise and the piece of broken nozzle should come out quite easily.

This won’t hurt, it’s normal for compressors to get hot as a byproduct of compressing the air.
The compressor is also equipped with an automatic switch-off, so it will automatically switch itself off before dangerous temperatures can be reached.

To prevent too much heat, it is advisable to give the compressor a few minutes of rest to cool down after approximately 20 minutes of spraying.

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product introduction of portable airbrush kit

Product Features of fengda airbrush

A.Portable and sophisticated spray guns ideal for beginners can be used for tattoos, art painting,cake decorating,make-up, nail, handicrafts, models, body paint, etc. can handle a variety of liquids. such as paints, pigments, inks, water-based foundations, skin care products, water, etc. But thick liquid needs to be diluted after use, oily liquid can not be used.

C.We build an air valve in our airbrush. The integrated structure can be used directly even without an air hose. This product can also be used with hoses.


Instructions of best dual action airbrush

step 1

put the applicable medium into the capacity Cup, the peratin medium is mainly water, and the applicable medium: essence, Sk- ll water pure dew, normaI saline , toner , milk, etc.

Note: lf it sa viscous liquid or an oily iquid , such as serums or essentia loi needs to be diluted with distilled waterpuriied water/mineral water, too thick a solution can cause clogging or poor results.

open the capacity Cup infused with water or other liquid.

step 2

Long press the power switch for 2 - 3 seconds to turn on the machine , and the machine starts to work.

Long press the power switch

step 3

Then press the pray button backward for skincare. Turn the spray volume control knob to control the amount of mist. t s recommended to introduce the essence/hyaluronic acid 3 times a week, and pure water/toner everyday, 30 - 60 seconds each time.

press the spray button backward
Turn the spray volume control knob

step 4

GentIY Swipe 8 - 10 cm away from the face , and enjoy surgin plump hydrating all over YUr face.

spray on face

Indicator Light & Gear of best airbrush for modeling

1 . Lon9 press the power switch to turn the machine on, and the blue ght is on.
2 . In case of low power, the device will not work, it will shut down after the red light ashes 5 times.
3 . D not use the device while charging. The red light will lash when charging and the blue Iight will light when fuIIY charged ·
4. press the power switch to switch gears
● The irst gear: Blue ight is on , and the device will shut down after running for 30 mins.
● In the second gear: Red and blue ights are on at the same time , and the device will autmatically shut down after running for lo mins.

precautions of best airbrush kits for models

1 . Before the irst use, please inject warm water/alcohol into the water bottle to clean the inner wall of the gun. After cleaning , inject clean water and shoot, keep it 2 to 3 times. After the clean water is emptied , empty it and air dries the internal pipe s
2 . The products used by the spray un must be water-soluble products (products with high concentration and strong viscosity must be diluted with mineral water/puriied water before use) .
3 . Every time change the liquid in the replenishment bottle/spray gun has not been used for a long time, please follow the steps in point ·
4 . The liquid in the spray gun should not stay for a lon9 time , and the liquid will not be left after the same injection.(Avoid blockagelleakage due to prolonged liquid retention in the rei bottle and spray gun) .
5 . when using the spray 9un for the irst time, please use it after fu ly charging. (The red ight of the machine is lashing when charging , and it is always on when fuIIY charged)
6 . The machine cannot be used when charging , and the machine can be used normally nly after unplugging the power SUPPIY·
7 . please use a uaIiied power adapter with an output of more than 5v- IA for charging. 8 . LoW battery reminder function , when the product has no battery, the battery icon lashes ive times to shut down.

Troubleshooting of good airbrush for model kits

If the lquid does not come out smoothly, please check whether the following problems occur:
1. whether the nozzle is not tightened so that the iquid from the nozzle mouth can not be atomized or prayed out.
2. whether the pray volume adjustment knob is too tight resulting in too little mist.
3. If the concentration or viscosity of the liquid in the capacity cup is too high, dilute it before use.
4. If there are stains in the airbrush , use lukewarm water to dredge them.

Product Maintenance of mini airbrush

After using concentrated and viscous liquids , use lukewarm water/alcohol to clean the inner wall of the airbrush , and then inject water to clean it 2 – 3 times
Finatlly air dries the internal pipes.
Do not wipe the surface of the product with volatile lquids (such as alcoh o) .
It is recommended to use a soft annel to wipe. please clean the capacity Cup and airbrush regularIY to prevent clogging if not used for a long time.

Optional Accessories of best airbrush compressor for miniature painting

The followin accessories are not the standard set and need to be purchased separately·

40ml PIastic capacity Cup
You can seIect Cups of different sizes according to different usage scenarios.

Brush & Dropper
Brush: The brush is mainly used to clean the nozzle, capacity CUPJ and the connection between the Cup and the airbrush
Dropper: The dropper is mainly used to suck the solution into the capacity cup.

Extension Hose
connect one end of the extension hose containing the metal adapter to the airbrushed base, and connect the other end with the airbrush to extend the prayin distance.

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