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Elite airbrushes are a line of high-quality airbrushes designed for professionals who require fine control and high performance. These airbrushes often feature dual-action capabilities, allowing the user to control the flow of air and paint by pressing a trigger, allowing for precise detail and overall spray results.
Fengda provides high quality elite airbrushes. Not only is it unique in design, it also offers smart functionality and excellent ergonomics. Quick fix allows for more accurate paint flow control. Self-centering socket nozzle system, nozzle diameter from 0.15mm to 0.80mm, 22ml & 50ml plastic jars. Fine spray characteristics, easy operation, excellent value for money. If you need something not on the list, please feel free to contact us. We can assist you in purchasing your ideal elite airbrush.

Supply Elite Airbrushes Wholesale For Art Spray Painting

At Fengda, we specialize in producing finely crafted elite airbrushes designed to unwaveringly provide fine flow control for your art spray painting career.
With our 23 years of airbrush manufacturing experience and design expertise and extensive knowledge of the airbrush industry, you can trust us to provide elite airbrushes to suit your needs.
Our elite airbrushes are used in a variety of industries including:

Elite Airbrush in Clothing Art

T-shirt art, fabric and apparel art are painted using high-end airbrushes, specialty fabrics and multi-purpose paints are all successfully painted with airbrushes, Createx Paint is just one of them.

Premium Series Airbrush in Makeup

For cosmetic applications, a high-coverage but thinner foundation can be applied with an Elite airbrush to achieve full coverage without heavy buildup.

Elite Airbrush in Tattoo

Temporary tattoos, body airbrush art, and spray tanning are all very popular right now using airbrushes. Elite spray guns provide quick fixes for more accurate paint flow control.

nail airbrush kit

Elite Airbrush in Nail Art

Double-action trigger air spray control, adjustable air flow and pressure settings, can easily achieve perfect gradients, complex patterns, and complete hundreds of miniature templates widely used in nail art creation.

Elite Airbrush in Scale Modeling

Elite airbrushes are frequently used by scale modeling enthusiasts to achieve desired effects which would be hard to replicate by brush work alone.

Elite Airbrush in Custom Car Industry

In the custom automotive industry, elite airbrushers can use skilled hands to bring beautiful art and desired graphics to vans, trucks, boats, airplanes, motorcycle tanks, helmets, and more.

Wholesale Airbrush Manufacturer in China

As one of the most experienced wholesale airbrush manufacturers and suppliers in China, Fengda can provide you with affordable and high-quality airbrushes. Our high-end luxury double-action spray guns offer smart features and quick fixes for more accurate paint flow control to meet the different requirements of each customer. If you have other special requirements, simply contact us so we can discuss your options in detail.

Masters Airbrush Manufacturers & Suppliers

Choosing Fengda as your wholesale airbrush manufacturer and supplier allows you to reduce operating expenses while enjoying the benefits of our elite airbrushes. Our CE, GS-certified factory adopts modern technology and craftsmanship to produce master-level spray guns that can meet customer standards and pass ROHS. With over 23 years of experience in spray gun manufacturing, you can trust us to meet your different packaging needs. Here are the benefits of our high-end luxury elite airbrush:

1. Offers smart features and superior ergonomics.
2. Double action trigger air spray control, quick fix allows for more accurate paint flow control.
3. Self-centering socket nozzle system.
4. Durable, reliable, easy to maintain, and excellent value for money.

Airbrush & Air Pump Assembly Process

Assembly process of air pump (using AS-18 as an example):

Rotor and connecting rod assembly

Motor and pump body assembly

Piston and rear cover assembly

Cylinder head assembly


Foot assembly

Filter assembly



Assembly Process Of Airbrush (Using BD-130 As An Example):

Adjusting rod assembly

Trigger rod assembly

Intake valve assembly

Nozzle O-ring assembly

Handle nozzle joint assembly

Airbrush assembly 1

Airbrush assembly 2

Airbrush testing


How To Customize From Airbrush Manufacturer

Clarify Requirements

Communicate with the customer to understand their customization needs, including the purpose, quantity, design requirements, budget, etc., of the spray gun. Ensure a thorough understanding of the customer's expectations and goals.

Design Sketch

Based on the customer's needs and requirements, create a sketch or sample of the spray gun. This can be a hand-drawn sketch or an electronic draft made using design software. The sketch should include details such as the shape, color, material, printing patterns, etc., of the spray gun.

Confirm Design

Review the design sketch with the customer to ensure it meets their expectations and requirements. Make modifications and adjustments based on customer feedback until a satisfactory result is achieved.

Material Selection and Manufacturing Process

Select appropriate materials and manufacturing processes according to the design requirements. This may involve processes such as plastic injection molding, metal machining, painting, etc., to ensure the quality and appearance of the final product meet the requirements.

Produce Samples

Produce samples of the spray gun based on the finalized design. The samples should be made to the specifications and quality standards requested by the customer for their review and approval.

Customer Review

Present the spray gun samples to the customer for review and feedback. Make necessary modifications and adjustments based on customer feedback until satisfaction is achieved.

Mass Production

Proceed with mass production once the customer approves the samples. Ensure strict quality control during the production process and deliver the customized spray guns to the customer on time and in the required quantity.

Quality Inspection

Conduct quality inspection of the customized spray guns before delivery to the customer. Check for compliance with requirements such as appearance, dimensions, printing patterns, etc., to ensure product quality meets standards.

Delivery to Customer

Deliver the customized spray guns to the customer on time and ensure safety and integrity during the shipping process.

After-Sales Service

Provide after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction. Respond promptly to any issues or needs raised by the customer and provide solutions as needed.

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