Mini Airbrush Compressor

Fengda specializes in the production of oil-free piston compressors (airbrush compressors), which are compact, portable and quiet, providing oil-free air supply and ideal for designers, modelers, artists, cake decorators, and manicurists. Its oil-free pump requires less maintenance and produces less noise, making it ideal for indoor use.

Mini Comperssor Manufacturer In China

Fengda is a leading provider of airbrushes and oil-free air compressor solutions in China, We supply everything required for professional and hobby airbrusher. Our range includes airbrush, airbrush compressor, airbrush paint and all the necessary airbrush accessories and parts. With 23 years of manufacturing experience and design expertise, we are dedicated to serving our customers, collaborating with them, and striving to meet their goals and needs.

Fengda has developed 12 major categories of products, including small air pumps, handheld integrated machines, airbrushes, mist absorbers, vacuum pumps, and inflatable pumps, totaling over 200 different products. Our products have been awarded multiple domestic and international patents for invention, utility, and appearance, and have passed international certifications such as US ETL, Canada CETL, Germany GS, European CE, and ROHS. They are sold in over a hundred countries and regions including the Americas, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Brazil, and are highly praised and trusted by customers both domestically and abroad for their excellent quality, thoughtful service, and high cost performance. We have fully industrialized all patent achievements, realizing integrated independent research and development and production.

Choosing the Right Airbrush For Various Industries


Chinese manufacturers often offer airbrushes at lower prices compared to counterparts from other countries due to lower labor and production costs.

Diverse Range of Options

China has a vast manufacturing base capable of producing a wide variety of airbrush models, catering to different needs and preferences of customers.

Customization Flexibility

Chinese manufacturers may provide customization options, allowing customers to tailor airbrush designs or specifications according to their requirements.

Rapid Production

China's efficient manufacturing processes enable quick turnaround times for orders, making it suitable for both small-scale and large-scale production.

Technological Advancements

Some Chinese manufacturers invest in research and development, leading to innovations in airbrush technology, such as improved atomization, ergonomic designs, or digital control systems.

Global Distribution Network

Many Chinese airbrush manufacturers have established extensive distribution networks, facilitating worldwide availability and accessibility of their products.

Quality Control Measures

Some Chinese manufacturers implement stringent quality control measures to ensure the reliability and performance of their airbrushes, meeting international standards and regulations.

Get High Quality Airbrushes in Bulk Step-by-step

We Respond to your Inquiry within 12hrs

We know time is a valuable resource for your business, so it’s important to provide service quickly. Our response times are short and designed to make accessing our services easy for you.

We provide OEM Airbrush Service

Our aim is to provide an airbrush design that meets all your requirements. Our goal is to realize your vision because customer satisfaction is important to us.

We Fulfill Efficient Airbrush Manufacturing

The Fengda factory is equipped with ultra-modern machinery to ensure that we manufacture high-quality airbrushes efficiently. It also enables us to produce in bulk with shorter turnaround times.

We Provide Sample Testing

We will provide you with style tests to help you understand the quality of your airbrush before purchasing. Your satisfaction is our mission.

Why Choose Fengda As Your Exclusive Airbrush Compressor Manufacturer?

23 Years Experience

With our 23 years of manufacturing experience and design expertise, more than 200 different products including airbrushes have been developed, which can be divided into 12 major categories. The products have passed multiple patents and certifications at home and abroad.


There is no minimum order quantity limit for our standard specification products. We always prepare enough inventory, Fengda can meet your any demand quantity.

Fast Lead Time (7-14 Days)

Normally we will dispatch our standard specification goods to you about 7-14 days after receiving your payment, depending on the quantity.

Turnkey Airbrush Solution

Our professional technology and team have industrialized the patented results and achieved the integration of independent research and development and independent production. The current annual production capacity has exceeded 500,000 units.

airbrush application

Airbrush Compressor Buying Guide

As a professional airbrush compressor manufacturer, Fengda provides professional advice for you to purchase a suitable compressor, allowing you to eliminate your doubts and help you find your ideal airbrush.

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