Airbrush Pro Makeup System MK-200 with liquid foundation

Airbrush Pro Makeup System MK-200 with liquid foundation


This Timbertech Basic Airbrush Makeup System is your secret weapon for complexion perfection.


Deluxe Airbrush Makeup System

Our most popular airbrush system with the battery is more chic than ever, you can makeup on anytime and anywhere. The Timbertech Air Basic System brings beauty, luxury and sophistication to your makeup routine.

The Timbertech Deluxe Airbrush Makeup System is your secret weapon for complexion perfection.

Effortlessly achieve professional quality results at home with this compact, age-defying airbrush cosmetics system. The System has a whisper quiet motor, continuous airflow and a patented stylus that delivers a micro-fine mist of tiny pixels, transforming your skin from lackluster to luminous.

The Basic system effortlessly eliminates wrinkles, evens skin tone and smooths texture for a youthful, flawless finish that looks and feels as natural as bare skin.
Timbertech Airbrush Foundations deliver high-impact pigments in feather-light, buildable formulas that allow your skin to breathe. With just one airbrush application, fine lines blur, imperfections disappear and pores are minimized, letting your natural luminosity shine through. Due to its superior blend-ability, our entire line easily transitions from sheer to complete coverage without ever looking thick or cakey. Our airbrush cosmetics are perfect for all skin types and provide exceptionally rich dimension and seamless coverage in a range of skin-matching shades.

The Basic system is dermatologist tested and recommended. Airbrushing helps eliminate cross- contamination, resulting in healthier, fresher skin. Along with our revolutionary line of foundations, the Legend can be used for easy, quick and long-lasting applications of concealer, primer, moisturizer, blush, eye shadow, bronzer, skincare rejuvenation products and much more.

For flawless, flattering results and truly radiant skin, try the Basic Airbrush Makeup System today.

Kit Includes:
Basic Airbrush Compressor and Airbrush
Air hose
10ml bottles liquied foundation*3

•    Ultra-low PSI for soft and precise makeup application
•    Smallest airbrush system available
•    Lightweight and durable enough for travel
•    Whisper quiet motor
•    Sculpt, shape and highlight without ever touching your face
•    Professional makeup artist results at home
•    Dermatologist tested and recommended
•    Easy to use on the face and body

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