Quick Guide to Airbrush Model Kit Operation

What need to be considered when operating airbrush model kit?

The airbrush is a painting tool built with high precision and accuracy which should be handled with care during use. The head part is important to ensure the painting accuracy, please handle it with care during disassembly and assembly. When installing the airbrush, ensure that the nozzle is concentric with the nozzle tip (affecting the atomization accuracy) and that the leakproofness between the spray pen and the gun body (affecting the consistency during painting).

airbrush model kit

The dual-action airbrush mainly controls two aspects: First, press down the button lever to open the air valve and close the air valve when the button is loosened. Second, pull back the button lever to control the paint amount. The more the lever is pulled back, the more the paint is pulled out.

Airbrush Model Kit
Airbrush Model Kit

During the use of an airbrush, it is required to open the air valve. first and then the needle valve (the air shall be released before the paint reaches full atomization; otherwise, there will be particles causing damage to the painting piece. Each time before painting, please have a test spray on another place (the airbrush should not face directly to the workpiece at the very first as the residual paint at the nozzle will slowly thicken and dry when contact with the air after the airbrushing stops, once the air valve is opened, the granular paint will come out first which may cause damage to the painting piece. Thus to improve the painting accuracy, please test if it is spraying well and then spray on the painting piece.

Airbrush Model Kit

Working Pressure Adjustment: A good painting piece is usually decided by the concentration of paint and the exact requirements of the painting piece. Thus high air pressure is not always good, and it may sometimes splash the paint. Adjust the air pressure to an appropriate value which could both create atomized spraying and control the atomization accuracy will help create a great masterpiece under the same air pressure, the atomization will be improved when the paint is less.

Step-by-step guide to operating airbrush model kit efficiently and effectively

airbrush model kit


  • Begin by connecting the compressor to the power supply and attaching the air hose securely.
airbrush model kit
airbrush model kit

  • Connect the airbrush to the hose ensuring a tight fit.
airbrush model kit

Power On and Pressure Adjustment

  • Turn on the power switch of the compressor and ensure it starts and stops normally.
  • Check the pressure gauge and adjust it to around 1.5BAR for optimal performance.

Preparation for Use:

  • Fill the airbrush color cup with test water.
  • Press the airbrush button for air output, then slowly pull it back to open the color valve. Spray the misty water until the cup is empty or discard any excess water.
Airbrush Model Kit

Color Selection and Preparation:

  • Choose airbrush-specific water-based or oil-based paints for best results.
  • If using paints for other purposes, adjust the concentration accordingly. Water-based paints can be diluted with water, while oil-based paints require oil-based diluents for proper dilution.
  • Filter the paint using a 200-300 mesh filter to ensure it is free of particles and adjust the concentration as needed.

airbrush model kit
airbrush model kit

Maintenance and Cleaning

Blockages may occur at the airbrush nozzle and tip due to paint drying, especially if not used for a period of time. Clean them with a suitable diluent before use.

After each use, clean the airbrush thoroughly with a suitable cleaner. For water-based paints, water can be used for cleaning, while oil-based paints require an airbrush cleaner.

Spray the airbrush cleaner into the color cup repeatedly until the inside of the airbrush is clean and free of color residue. If the airbrush has been used for a long time and the paint has dried, soak it in airbrush cleaner for an extended period to dissolve and remove the dried paint. Repeat the cleaning process until the airbrush is thoroughly cleaned.

Tips for operating an airbrush model kit

Airbrushes serve as precise painting tools and demand careful handling. Dropping an airbrush is strictly prohibited due to its delicate nature. The head plays a pivotal role in ensuring painting accuracy. When disassembling or assembling, handle it with utmost care. During installation, ensure concentricity between the nozzle and needle, as it directly impacts atomization accuracy. Additionally, ensure a secure seal between the airbrush and the gun body to avoid intermittent spraying.

In a double-action airbrush, the control mechanism primarily manages two functions: firstly, pressing the button downward opens the air valve, while releasing it closes the valve; secondly, pulling the button backward regulates the paint flow. More significant backward pull results in increased paint output.

During operation, it’s imperative to first open the air valve followed by the needle valve. This sequence ensures that air is released before the paint, facilitating complete atomization. Conversely, spraying paint directly onto the workpiece can lead to residual paint thickening and drying at the nozzle when the airbrush stops. This can result in particle-like paint spraying and damage to the artwork’s surface. Hence, it’s advisable to begin spraying away from the workpiece surface before moving towards it to ensure precise surface coverage.

When adjusting the working air pressure, prioritize suitability over higher pressure. Adjust the air pressure according to the paint concentration and surface requirements of the artwork. Excessively high air pressure may cause paint splattering. Find the optimal air pressure for proper paint atomization and utilize paint output control to fine-tune atomization accuracy. Reducing the amount of paint sprayed at the same air pressure can enhance atomization.

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airbrush model kit

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