Airbrush spray gun BD-138 – nozzle 0,8 mm – 22cc for beginner

Airbrush spray gun BD-138 – nozzle 0,8 mm – 22cc for beginner

Single-Action airbrush spray gun BD-138 – nozzle 0,5 mm or 0.80mm – 22cc with necessary accessories, only for the airbrush beginner or who are interested to study the airbrush.


airbrush spray gun BD-138 – nozzle 0,8 mm – 22cc

Fengda BD-138 Airbrush spray gun supplies ink from below, a single function universal spray gun (you can adjust the amount of air).
Plastic water gun at the bottom of the sliding mechanism for connecting glasses. Stainless steel nozzle and casing, for use with a paint diluted with acetone.
The Fengda BD-138 is supplied in plastic box in which you can fit the gun and two glasses, narrower and control valve for the tank pressure.
Fengda Airbrush Spray Guns are very popular among users, with an excellent fit and finish and low price.

To connect to our compressors you will need a reducer A7 (G1/8).

Package Contents: Airbrush Spray Pistol Fengda BD-138
1x plastic box
1x Spray gun Airbrush
1x control valve to the tank pressure
1x narrower 1.5 m of screwing M5 – M5
1x reduction M5 – G 1/4
1x glass on colour 22 ml
1x glass to paint with cover for connection to 22 ml
1x plastic pipette
1x manual

Spray gun suitable for craft, hobby spraying, and confectionery

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