Mini compressor AG-420C

Mini compressor AG-420C


Voltage: 220V/ 50HZ    110V/60HZ.

Flow volume: 15L per min.17L  per min.

220V/50HZ speed: 1450r/min.


  1. Voltage: 220V/ 50HZ    110V/60HZ.
  2. Flow volume: 15L per min.17L  per min.
  3. 220V/50HZ speed: 1450r/min.
  4. 110V/60HZ speed: 1700r/min
  5. Pump weight: approx. 3.94KG/8.7lb
  6. Water resistant(Is NOT waterproof, Can operate with some room moisture, but should not be exposed to rain or very wet conditions. Should not be used outdoors.)
  7. Temperature: can withstand temperatures from 40 to 100degrees F as long as there is not a great amount of moisture.
  8. Pump Noise: 50 db (decibels)
  9. Life of : 20,000 – 25,000 hours
  10. Structure: Body and most components are aluminum. The valves are stainless steel and the compression cup is Teflon.
  11. Cannot inject fluids.
  12. Uses a rocking piston to compress air.
  13. Type of Motor: Induction (not commutator).

The Air Volume Production and Quality of the Air Pump

  1. Cubic feet per minute injection of airAt 0 psi, 1 injects .38 CFM & at 50 psi injects .15 CFM At 0 psi, 2 injects .23 CFM & at 60 psi injects .07 CFM
  2. Oil-less, non-contaminated
  3. 70 psi recommended maximum operatingpressure, can pump up to 100 psi

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